Why are applications required?

We look forward to working with all interested teams. Central to Lectio’s mission and approach is a deep commitment to effective resource allocation—time, money, and human capital. Our experience, and the research on leading change, is clear about the conditions needed for an effective strategic planning process or initiative. The press for improving literacy rates—whether in a community, through specific programs, or a school district—is no exception. Therefore, to ensure effective resource use and allocation of all parties involved and to build a strong learning community and network, applications are required.

Who benefits most from the institutes?

Over the years, we have found that teams who benefit the most from the Lectio approach and who make considerable strides in their work during the three days and in the weeks and months that follow typically demonstrate some key characteristics:

  1. They are part of a reading campaign, even if in the very initial stages
  2. They have a designated leader who can convene multiple stakeholders
  3. They feature cross-sector collaborations that go beyond those whose day-to-day work is squarely focused on literacy
  4. They have a consistent meeting structure
If our application is not immediately accepted, can we apply again? Will we get feedback?

We work with all interested parties and will personally respond to all applications via a preferred method of communication. Our goal is to ensure the best use of resources for all given the institute’s objectives and guiding outcomes. If there is reason to believe that the team making application would not fully benefit from the institute to which they are applying we will make suggestions and work with interested teams on the right timeline for holding a Lectio institute. In some cases, it may be as simple as making some changes to the team configuration. In other cases, we may suggest a little more groundwork or alterations to the overall strategy to enhance the team’s likelihood of benefiting from the Lectio approach.

What happens after we are accepted? Do we need to prepare for the institute?

There is some brief advance preparation for the institute, which we will outline upon acceptance. Most importantly, we will hold a mandatory conference call with each team in the two weeks leading up to the institute. During this call, we will review the institute’s design, discuss the information teams need to bring, and answer any questions participants may have.

Can you gain professional development credits by attending an institute?

At this time, we do not provide any credits for attending our institute. If you need proof of attendance, please be in touch.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks. Once accepted for an institute and have signed a contract, we will send an invoice with payment instructions.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not provide refunds on contracts for on-site assistance; we simply work with clients to modify the timeframe for services, as needed and to accommodate evolving circumstances and strategic planning.