June 2017
Spotlight on Cedar Valley Readers Literacy Campaign

A dedicated team from Cedar Valley, IA, attended a 2017 institute and went back to their community with a new and complete understanding of what was working, and what needed to be changed.

Spotlight on Our Teams
May 2017
Spotlight on The Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation

For seven years, Springfield has been engaged in a community-wide literacy campaign to promote reading success for all children. Hear from the Davis Foundation’s Sally Fuller, the initiative’s funder, on Springfield’s community effort to boost children’s literacy skills.

Spotlight on Our Teams
March 2017
Spotlight on Read On Arizona

In partnership with Lectio, leaders from Read On Arizona have been strengthening their efforts to better serve the state’s children. Read more about this collaboration and its impact in an interview with Terri Clark, the Arizona Literacy Director.

Spotlight on Our Teams
February 2017
Spotlight on Generations Incorporated

Representatives from Generations Incorporated, a literacy organization that strives to develop Greater Boston’s youngest readers, attended the Lectio Institute in 2015. Read what they had to say about their team’s experience.

Spotlight on Our Teams
January 2017
Spotlight on the United Way of Berks County

A team from the Ready. Set. READ! literacy campaign (Reading, PA) attended our 2016 institute to work on making their community literacy initiative more effective.

Spotlight on Our Teams
December 2016
Spotlight on Hartford Public Schools

A team from Hartford, CT, attended our 2015 institute and has since revamped their literacy approach in 48 schools.

Spotlight on Our Teams
November 2016
Spotlight on Salem Public Schools

After attending the September institute, the Salem leadership team had much to say about what they learned, and how they are moving forward to improve the district’s literacy programming.

Spotlight on Our Teams
October 2016
Spotlight on the Waltham Public Schools

Hear from Superintendent Drew Echelson, an urban school district leader, who is using the Lectio approach to turn things around.

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