Who benefits most from an institute?

We have found that those teams who make considerable strides during and after the institute typically share these key characteristics:

  1. They are part of a reading campaign, even if in the very initial stages
  2. They have a designated leader who can convene multiple stakeholders
  3. They feature cross-sector collaborations and programming that goes beyond literacy
  4. They have the opportunity for a consistent meeting structure
Who typically participates in an institute?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to putting together effective teams for the Lectio Institute, and we are always available to discuss this with interested parties. Teams range in size from 3 to 8 members, and participants often include, but are not limited to:

  • Community leaders: non-profit leaders, library personnel, directors of out-of-school programming
  • School district leaders: superintendents, assistant superintendents and central office administrators focused on literacy improvement and initiatives
  • Early education and care leaders: community-based directors and educators
  • Funders and grantmakers: foundations, charitable trusts, coalitions
  • Policymakers: city managers, education agency personnel, mayor’s cabinet members
How many people typically attend an institute?

To maintain the quality of the learning environment and ensure impact, we limit total participation to 50 individuals.

Would it be possible to talk to other participants and teams who have benefitted from the Lectio approach?

Yes. We are always happy to connect prospective participants with individuals who have received (or are receiving) Lectio services. When we do so, we will provide a couple of contacts, taking into account alignment with your setting and work.

What happens after we book an institute? Is there any advanced preparation?

There is some brief preparation for the institute, which we outline upon confirmation. Most importantly, about three weeks before the institute, we hold a 60-minute mandatory webinar or conference call with the team leads (and any available institute participants). During this conversation, we review the institute’s design, discuss the information teams need to bring, and answer any questions participants may have.

During this conversation, we walk participants through the template that needs to be completed by each team before the institute. To complete the template, teams identify all programs and services that are part of the effort to promote early literacy—those focused on children, families, and/or adults and at all levels (community, state, organization, district, etc.). This template and its data become a critical tool for teams to carry out their institute work; teams who arrive with a completed template benefit most from the institute because of their shared understanding of the programs and services that are offered as part of their collective, often cross-sector effort.

Can you gain professional development credits by attending an institute?

At this time, we do not provide any credits for attending our institute. If you need proof of attendance, please be in touch.

Once attending an institute, are there opportunities for ongoing support?

Yes; we value and prioritize continued partnerships and collaboration. We have learned from our growing network that following on a 3-day institute, there are specific supports that we can provide to further deepen and accelerate our partners’ strategic efforts and impact. Find more information here about our wraparound services, and we are always happy to discuss these opportunities with you and your colleagues.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks. Once we have signed a contract, we send an invoice with payment instructions.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not provide refunds on our contracts; we simply work with clients to modify the timeframe for services, if needed, to accommodate evolving circumstances and strategic planning.