Moving Forward: A Convening for Literacy Leaders 

Our June convening was an inspirational day, with 100+ literacy leaders from across the country discussing a uniquely different approach to literacy improvement. Educators confirmed that Lectio’s more strategic, less-is-more approach is working to effect change.

At the outset, we presented the pressing problems we focus on in our work with districts and communities:

  1. The literacy space—in communities, districts, and states—is crowded. Adults have trouble managing all of the pieces.
  2. Too many readers are identified for intervention. And many of their issues can’t be solved through intervention.
  3. The B-8 learning pathways and connections, in states, districts, and communities, are often weak.
  4. The primary problem is not one of program availability. It’s most often one of intensity and coordination.


Talented panelists, all Lectio alum, shared their challenges and successes, their palpable commitment to this more strategic approach, and their insights from the transformative work at their sites.  With questions from the inspired audience, the conversation was in full force.


Midmorning, we had the pleasure of hearing from Matt Miller, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Matt’s keynote, Deeper Learning in the Workplace: Creating the Conditions for Improved Practice, explained his research on how to create an organization that sets adults up to do their best work – boosting their own development and therefore children’s outcomes.  His talk gave us all a lot to think about on the adult side of literacy improvement.


After a lunch hour spent networking, afternoon breakout sessions gave attendees the chance to delve deeper on key topics with colleagues, and gave us a chance to hear even more of the creative thinking among our many partners, as well as more about their work’s pressure points.


In the end, the day was inspiring on many levels, due to the thoughtful conversations during both the formal and informal sessions. We walked away reinvigorated, eager to continue advancing the work.