Given the complex and iterative nature of the change process, leaders need touchpoints to sustain and deepen their work over time.

We offer support for institute alumni, to enhance impact going forward. Described below, these services focus on a range of areas, including leveraging institute findings and decisions, broadening leadership capacity and knowledge across a network, maximizing resource allocation, and even launching a cross-sector community campaign.


Increasing Initiative Capacity

Initiatives focused on strategic change and improvement demand collective action— and getting there means fostering a shared understanding of the work and guiding principles, and a culture of continuous improvement, among all stakeholders. For those leading literacy efforts following a Lectio institute, these actions are especially critical; but of course, not all key players from any campaign or initiative attend the institute. This follow-on support therefore introduces the Lectio approach to an additional cohort of key stakeholders— to further build initiative capacity and cultivate an even more robust cohort to lead and execute the work. While not as intensive as our 3-day institute, this service involves a mix of individuals who attended our institute as well as new stakeholders/partners.

* This support also includes the opportunity for those institute alumni to co-facilitate the workshop with Lectio staff to the expanded group of stakeholders. To do this, we bundle this support with the Enhancing Leadership Skills’ support (detailed below) to prepare past participants for co-facilitation.



Enhancing Leadership Skills

Getting strong results depends upon strong leadership at the level of individual programs and at the level of an initiative or campaign. This wraparound support therefore focuses on leaders’ skills to advance their initiative priorities and plans.

Tailored to leaders’ needs and stage of work, focus areas may include but are not limited to: leading individuals from a program, organization, or community through the Lectio approach; strategies to navigate personnel transitions and other common obstacles that bear on advancement; and/or stages within the second phase of leading change, which includes moving from strategic planning, initial changes, and implementation to scaling and spreading, motivating sustained acceleration, and analyzing short-term indicators of success.



Advancing Institute Findings and Plans

Leveraging the institute work requires clear plans for implementing decisions and action steps, and maintaining momentum and coordination. This support therefore focuses on accelerating the post-institute plans and work.

Tailored to the context and stage of work, focus areas may include but are not limited to: processes for refining and revising programming to ensure a match with desired outcomes; deeper examination of program alignment to initiative goals and corresponding resource (re) allocation; consolidating knowledge of concepts fundamental to the Lectio approach; addressing challenges and bringing key learnings into participants’ contexts; and/or facilitating the ongoing development of a strategic plan for implementation, including further articulation of short-term action steps needed for progress.



Begin by contacting our team using the button below. We will then conduct a needs analysis and co-create a plan and timeline for support that is tailored to your context. We note that in many cases, given our partners’ needs and stage of work, they have found it very effective to access a combination of supports.