June 2018
Getting real about summer learning programs

Even though summer programs are funded to prevent the well-documented summer learning loss and even boost overall reading levels, many actually aren’t designed in a way to accomplish those goals. So, what would a program need in order to be the start of the “summer learning gain”?

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January 2018
As a field we don’t toss out programs, we add new ones.

We have noticed, in our work with districts and communities around the country, that most have way too many literacy programs and supports in play to get to meaningful change.

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May 2017
The high cost of having teachers design and deliver daily literacy lessons

At every level, and in too many schools across the country, teachers are charged with leading classroom instruction and responding to children all day, and then also analyzing student work and creating lessons…

Lessons from Lectio Institutes
April 2017
Closing today’s assessment gaps

It’s the time of year when assessments are on nearly every educator’s mind and calendar. So, amidst the frenzy, testing season is an opportunity to share two assessment gaps we’ve identified—gaps that need closing if we want literacy improvement.

Lessons from Lectio Institutes
March 2017
Why language building is critical, but not common

Our own research, and that of many others, shows that in elementary and middle schools across the nation, the average time spent on instruction that builds vocabulary, listening and speaking skills hovers around 10%.

Lessons from Lectio Institutes
February 2017
Using the literacy block for state test prep: an ill-advised plan of action

At this time of year in classrooms across the country, test-prep strategies are on smartboards and computer screens during literacy blocks…

Lessons from Lectio Institutes
January 2017
Why aren’t today’s literacy lessons providing students with strong literacy skills?

Despite long hours of preparation, planning, and lesson delivery by hard-working teachers, today’s literacy instruction regularly falls short.

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December 2016
Take the quiz!

What’s wrong with using this instructional approach to boost literacy?

In Mr. Smith’s third grade classroom, a number of children had trouble with the morning lesson on finding the main idea…

Lessons from Lectio Institutes
November 2016
Relying on reading levels is problematic

In our institutes, educators talk about the ongoing literacy assessments happening in their classrooms.

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