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Social Impact Work for Today + Tomorrow: A Hands-On Tutorial

A learning opportunity to refresh and bolster your programs and portfolios


Over the course of the hands-on, 3-hour tutorial, we will:

  • introduce a strategic yet action-oriented approach to designing and analyzing any social impact effort, using the case example of an initiative designed to boost third-grade reading proficiency rates;
  • support individuals and teams to apply the unique approach to their own programs or portfolios, and engage with this new lens; and
  • highlight how this approach can spur new ways of working and serve as a springboard for effective action planning.

Throughout the interactive session, we will share what the latest science reveals about designing and implementing social impact efforts for meaningful change. Participants can expect to leave the tutorial with new tools and concepts to strengthen their path from intention to impact.


  • The last decade brought with it an unparalleled era of social impact work in communities, cities, and states across the country. Looking back, the investments and momentum to drive measurable change were unprecedented. Yet the challenges were also unprecedented.
  • Today’s social impact leaders and teams are working tirelessly to navigate the complexities of design and implementation, respond to an ever-shifting landscape, and deliver on visionary goals—and many feel these efforts aren’t converting to impact in the ways they had hoped or expected.
  • Opportunity is on the horizon; there is the potential to drastically accelerate improvement efforts guided by lessons learned, new ways of working, and new science.


The tutorial is designed for individuals and teams whose impact work is at any stage, and who are working on a specific program or a portfolio of programs and investments. We work with partners from across the sector:

  • Community campaigns (e.g., Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, Cradle-to-Career network)
  • Community initiatives (e.g., birth-to-8, school readiness, family-community engagement)
  • Nonprofit organizations and school districts
  • Out-of-school and summer programming initiatives
  • Funding and grantmaking organizations and agencies
  • Mayor’s offices and cabinets, city agencies and management organizations

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Past Roundtable – Avoiding Today’s Intention-Impact Gaps

Feb 5

12:00 am

A conversation about intention-impact gaps that are slowing progress in communities, schools, and states.

Past Roundtable – Collective Impact + Literacy Improvement

Nov 18

3:00 pm

A deep dive on designing literacy improvement work using a collective impact approach–the key elements, misconceptions and pitfalls, and opportunities.